The Final Season Of ‘Mr. Robot’ Was Partially Inspired By The British Version Of ‘The Office’

Despite creator Sam Esmail’s original five-season plan, USA’s Mr. Robot is coming to an end after season four. He made the decision during season three when he asked himself, “How many more episodes, without treading water, do we have to get the story from this point to that?” The answer was “13,” the first of which airs on October 6. That’s one fewer episode than the entire run of the BBC’s The Office, if you include the two Christmas specials, which Esmail says the final season was partially inspired by.

“I grew up watching a lot of British television — and a lot of those shows, specifically The Office, they sign off with a Christmas special. I’ve always found that fascinating because there’s something bittersweet about the holidays,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “Something is coming to an end, but there’s also something really optimistic about looking forward. I felt strongly that Christmas be the backdrop for how we ended this show.” Hopefully this doesn’t mean Elliot comes back years later, to diminishing returns.

Anyway, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and Mr. Robot is a Christmas show.

In a previous interview, Esmail revealed that season four is a throwback to the show’s freshman year. “The journey between seasons one to three has been about discovering who the real culprits are,” he said. “The hack was merely a distraction that was co-opted by these people, and it’s finally been revealed and exposed to Elliot. In a weird way, the next season will return back to that initial premise of the show and have Elliot be motivated by that, with this new clarity.” What this means for Alf, I can’t say.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)