Must Watch Video Of The Day: Louis C.K. Tells The Classics

If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, then Louis C.K. must be blushing like a flustered schoolgirl today, because this is damn near perfect. Standup comedian J-L Cauvin made a trailer for a fake comedy special titled “Louis C.K. Tells The Classics” in which he does a spot-on impression of Louis telling the oldest jokes in the book, and it is eerie how good he is. Not just the voice, either. The style, the body language, the cadence, all of it. He even gets in a couple nice digs at the Internet’s knee-jerk “OMG YOU GUYS HE’S SUCH A GENIUS” reaction to anything and everything Louis releases, which is probably deserved at this point, even though we do still love him very much around here.

You should really watch this. It’s so good. So, so good.

Thanks to Brandon for the tip