The McElroy Brothers On Making The ‘My Brother, My Brother And Me’ TV Show And The Mysterious ‘Superdesk’

Contributing Writer

The first thing you need to know about the McElroy brothers is that they aren’t experts. The second thing you need to know is that they’re completely, inarguably hilarious. Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, three natives of Huntington, West Virginia, started My Brother, My Brother and Me back in 2010, and their advice podcast for the modern era has only grown since then.

The brothers have created their own intricate universe of podcasts within the family over the past seven years. The Adventure Zone features Griffin acting as dungeon master for Justin, Travis, and their father Clint; Sawbones is a medical history podcast hosted by Justin and his wife, Sydnee; Shmanners with Travis and his wife Teresa covers etiquette; Rose Buddies has Griffin and his wife, Rachel, discussing episodes of The Bachelor franchise; and Sydnee and her sisters have Still Buffering, which is a guide to understanding teens across multiple generations. One could have weeks’ worth of podcast listening just based on what the McElroy family cranks out.

Now the McElroys have finally made the leap to a visual medium. The TV version of My Brother, My Brother and Me debuts on Seeso on February 23. It keeps all of the wonderful, hilarious things about the McElroy dynamic intact, and continues to offer advice that should never be followed. When the three brothers sat down to talk to us about their show, we found out it wasn’t such an easy leap from the ear to the eye, but once everything finally clicked, they were off and running.

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