Nancy Grace Took That Well

As already noted, I was completely in the dark about the Casey Anthony trial until yesterday afternoon, largely because I avoid cable news even more than showers and pants. But the breakout star of the trial seems to be Nancy Grace, the Headline News talking hair helmet whose righteous, bloodthirsty demands for justice went unanswered — but provided HLN with record ratings.

Anyway, now Grace is swimming in headlines and making the talk-show rounds, refusing to back down from any of her comments, thus spurring more headlines. You can watch her reaction to the Anthony verdict here, and the entire 14-minute verdict in HD with Grace’s commentary here. If I could punch a voice, I’d want it to be hers (the angry nasal burn is nicely captured here). Her moralizing ends with, “Somewhere out there tonight, the devil is dancing” — a detail she probably learned from blowing Satan every night.