Natasha Leggero And Moshe Kasher Explain Why They Say Mean Things To Their Kid


When I saw married stand-up comedians Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher perform at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre for their “Honeymoon Tour” last summer, the pair had been on the road together for quite some time. In fact, the tour — which they had embarked on not long after getting married in 2015 — was literally meant to be a practical means of extending their newfound marital bliss into as lengthy a honeymoon as possible. And it worked, for not only did they turn it into a short series for Comedy Central, but nearly three years later, The Honeymoon Stand Up Special is now available as a Netflix special.

I spoke with Leggero and Kasher about the evolution of the “Honeymoon Tour,” when they first decided to turn it into a taped special, and how their first child together changed the show’s trajectory. As the pair explained it to me over the phone, they ended up creating a story about two people “who never quite thought they’d get married and have a kid,” then did exactly that. “We were saying all of these really mean things to it,” jokes Leggero, who was seven months pregnant when they filmed Honeymoon in Austin, Texas last November. “I’m glad that our baby got to experience so much applause while in my womb.”

Moshe Kasher: You know we named the baby after your website, right?

I did not know that. Mazel tov!

Natasha Leggero: Little baby Uproxx.

Why did you two decide to tape the show in Austin?

Kasher: The reason we went to Austin was we really liked that venue in particular. But the truth is — since you saw the show in Boston, and this isn’t pandering, I promise — that was such a fun show. The Wilbur is such a cool venue. It’s an embarrassment of riches and we could’ve done the show there, too. But there’s something about the space in Austin that we thought would create the vibe we wanted.

Leggero: And I didn’t want to fly too far.

How far along were you when this taped in November?

Leggero: Seven months, I think.

Kasher: It was literally during the days just before the doctor said, “You have stop flying.”

For obvious reasons, Natasha, you don’t run around as much as your husband. Then again, when you two come together in the third act, you don’t sit either.

Leggero: I don’t think I was sitting on stools at that point.

Kasher: We were actually going to put her in a seat that would put her feet in stirrups, but we thought that might be a little too on the nose.