Nathan Fielder Showcased His Holocaust-Inspired Jacket Line On ‘Conan’

Nathan for You is definitely one of the bright spots of the Comedy Central lineup these days, and it’s due to humor like the kind you’ll see in this Conan clip. Nathan Fielder manages to be extremely funny, somewhat sentimental, and completely odd within each episode, essentially topping himself from week to week and idea to idea. He’s a lot more than Dumb Starbucks, that’s all I’m saying.

On Conan, he entered to promote the show and followed a clip from this week’s episode, but the true highlight was the discussion about his jacket from above. The reason why is quite simple; Fielder has created a windbreaker line in response to his former windbreaker company, Taiga, quietly running a tribute to a Holocaust denier. That led to a line that honors and remembers the Holocaust, something you’ll immediately see when you visit the website for Summit Ice:

It’d be funny enough as a bit on a talk show, but this is well-beyond the realm of late night comedy. It’s like Andy Kaufman-level, which is nothing new for Fielder. He’s repeatedly come out as this soft-spoken comedic force that doesn’t seem to have a limit yet, unless you count the people he attempts to help on Nathan for You.

(Via Team Coco)