Nathan Fielder Is Selling Liquor To Minors In The Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Nathan For You’

06.25.14 11 Comments

For my money, quietly sneaking images of a well-hung naked old man who looks like Santa into all your Instagram pictures and waiting for the rest of the Internet to find out and shower you with praise is all you really need to do to promote the upcoming second season of your cable sketch show. It’s got everything you need: viral buzz, low cost, sneaky hidden ding-a-lings, etc. But apparently the people at Comedy Central are a bunch of lily-gilding, uh, lily gilders, because they went ahead and released this trailer for Season 2 anyway.

The trailer is great, obviously, and the whole thing did the intended job of getting me very excited for the July 1 premiere, but the highlight is the thing where Nathan has developed a fool-proof plan to sell liquor to minors, legally. I mean, kind of. Watch the trailer. You’ll see.

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