NBC’s Decision To Cancel A Proposed ‘Mail Order Family’ Sitcom Amplifies The Changing Tide For Network TV

10.01.16 2 years ago 7 Comments

Getty Image / Change.Org

NBC announced plans to bring a new series from the folks behind Superstore to the network on Wednesday, instantly garnering some criticism thanks to its premise. By Saturday morning, the show was officially no more. Criticism, social media, and a Change.Org petition all helped bring Mail Order Family to an end before it even started. According to Variety, the series would’ve been loosely based on the life of Superstore‘s Jackie Clarke:

“Mail Order Family,” from “Superstore” writer-producer Jackie Clarke and executive producers Ruben Fleischer and David Bernad was to tell the story of a widower who orders a bride from the Philippines to raise his two young daughters. It was loosely based on Clarke’s own family.

Clarke explained a bit about her childhood and how it would’ve played into the series during an episode of This American Life back in 2012, possibly hinting at how the series itself might’ve been a poor idea given the feel of the personal slant:

“It wasn’t that Pora didn’t like me, she just had no desire to be a mother to me,” [Clarke] said. “His marriage to Pora was never a good one. It was basically hellish fighting followed by silent treatments.”

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