Meet The Sexy Sorceress Who’s The New Female Lead Of ‘Constantine’

Just a few days ago NBC announced Lucy Griffiths, the female lead of their upcoming Constantine, had been written out of the show after the first episode, and the new female lead would be a character from the comics instead. They’re replacing her with Mary “Zed” Martin, who was John Constantine’s lover at one point and later became a pagan sorceress who fights demon worshippers in high political offices. And you thought some of your exes were weird.

Just an hour ago, NBC revealed on Facebook (via Coming Soon) that Angélica Celaya has been cast as Zed. I recognized almost nothing on her IMDb page, but she’s certainly got the “absurdly gorgeous, smoldering Latina” thing down pat.

Constantine‘s executive producer Daniel Cerone explained the change as being necessary to replace a “reactive” and “wide-eyed innocent” character (Lucy Griffith’s Liv) with a woman who’s been there and done that and can “really push” Constantine. Maybe she’ll even lose her temper and rip his nicotine patch off. These last minute changes are enough to drive a man to smoke.