NBC’s Fall Schedule Moves ‘This Is Us’ To Thursday For A Fresh Attempt At ‘Must-See TV’ Alongside ‘Will And Grace’

05.14.17 11 months ago


NBC is aiming to keep rolling into the 2017-2018 television season with the strength it created with this season of television. The network is also hoping they can use that status as an open door for bringing back the shine to Thursday night with “Must See TV.” To do that, NBC is betting on the return of a classic and the continued success of a new obsession.

You won’t see many reboots or new series when you look at NBC’s lineup for next season. Familiarity and proven success seem to be key, particularly when it comes to shows like This Is Us, The Blacklist, and the returning Will And Grace. The classic sitcom’s revival will land right back on Thursdays, leading the charge of the new “Must See” lineup alongside This Is Us and new sitcom Great News — executive produced by Tina Fey and with a definite 30 Rock vibe to it. Meanwhile, The Good Place moves to Tuesdays alongside Superstore to boost that early week comedy lineup and hopefully bring some more interesting twists along the way.

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