Neil Patrick Harris Is Officially Joining ‘American Horror Story’ Along With Husband David Burtka

If you recall, way back in July, well before American Horror Story: Freak Show premiered, Neil Patrick Harris appeared on EW Radio and professed his love for the surreal horror series, saying that he couldn’t wait for the upcoming season and wanted Ryan Murphy to offer him a role on the show. Ryan Murphy quickly responded on Twitter that he had a role that he thought NPH would love, and then all we could do was toss a penny into a wishing well and wait to see if they could work something out.

And now, just as we’re about a third of the way through the season and I had all but given up hope, TV Line is reporting that not only is Neil Patrick Harris joining the cast towards the end of the season, but we’re getting two for the price of one adorable gay because his real life husband David Burtka is going to be joining the cast as well. Harris is set to appear in the season’s final two episodes as a “chameleon salesman,” while Burtka will have a “sexy storyline” with Jessica Lange’s character in the finale.

Soooo … chameleon salesman, eh? Do you guys think a salesman that sells chameleons or a salesman that literally has the physical properties of a chameleon? Maybe both? PLEASE LET IT BE BOTH. Either way, it looks like we’ll have to wait til late December or early January to find out.