‘Chappelle’s Show’ Will Be Coming To Netflix’s Streaming Lineup In November

Dave Chappelle’s relationship with Netflix has already brought forth a number of standup specials from the comedian, including a powerful surprise performance earlier this year. But now the streaming service is adding the sketch comedy show the comedian is best known for to its comedy offerings.

Netflix released the news that Chappelle’s Show is getting added to its library on November 1 official Friday morning, using its comedy social media pages to drop a montage of famous moments from the show’s run on Comedy Central.

It’s a fine jolt of nostalgia on a Friday morning, but it also speaks to just how well the show holds up. First airing on Comedy Central in 2003, it lasted three-ish seasons and just 28 episodes. But it also created some of the most lasting comedy moments of this millennium, with segments like Prince’s infamous basketball game with Charlie Murphy still getting attention nearly two decades later.

Putting more of Chappelle’s comedy offerings in one place is great news for fans, though over the years, they had plenty of opportunities to see Chappelle’s Show reruns airing on Comedy Central at all hours of the night. But this age is one of convenience, and come Saturday binging episodes of the program has officially never been easier.