Netflix’s Nearly 77,000 Genres Are Why Kevin Spacey Performed Oral Sex On Kate Mara

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01.03.14 15 Comments

There’s a must-read article over at the Atlantic about how Netflix “reverse engineered Hollywood” by breaking titles into tinier subsections of tiny subsections based on keywords to learn what their millions of users like to watch and, more importantly, want to watch. (The answer: Kevin Spacey plowing journalists from behind.) I haven’t read the whole article yet — I had to get back to my The Kids In the Hall marathon before…dammit — but one number caught my eye: 76,897. That’s how many separate genres there are on Netflix, including:

Emotional Independent Sports Movies
Spy Action & Adventure from the 1930s
Cult Evil Kid Horror Movies
Cult Sports Movies
Sentimental set in Europe Dramas from the 1970s
Visually-striking Foreign Nostalgic Dramas
Japanese Sports Movies
Gritty Discovery Channel Reality TV
Romantic Chinese Crime Movies
Mind-bending Cult Horror Movies from the 1980s
Dark Suspenseful Sci-Fi Horror Movies
Gritty Suspenseful Revenge Westerns
Violent Suspenseful Action & Adventure from the 1980s
Time Travel Movies starring William Hartnell
Romantic Indian Crime Dramas
Evil Kid Horror Movies
Visually-striking Goofy Action & Adventure
British set in Europe Sci-Fi & Fantasy from the 1960s
Dark Suspenseful Gangster Dramas
Critically-acclaimed Emotional Underdog Movies

OK, Netflix, I want to see a Smell-o-Vision Drama Starring a Talking Dog Named Fart From the 1950s.

Yeah, didn’t think so. Does this mean I beat Netflix? HALF-STAR RATINGS FOR EVERYONE.

(Via the Atlantic)

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