Never Change, 'Family Feud.' Never.

10.25.13 6 years ago 34 Comments

Earlier this week, in my love song to Steve Harvey’s new, raunchy version of Family Feud, I wrote this:

And it’s not just the contestants, either — although it is definitely mostly the contestants, as the show’s producers have apparently tapped into America’s greatest natural resource: people willing to say outlandishly racy or embarrassing things on daytime television in exchange for the chance to split a few thousand dollars with their extended family. It’s also the show’s famous board, which has gone wonderfully lowbrow itself. Example: A while back I was watching an episode where a contestant guessed “genitalia” as a possible answer, and when Steve Harvey went to the board there was a ding as the phrase “Dangling Dong” flipped over. DANGLING DONG!

Last night, comedian (and friend up of UPROXX) Paul Scheer posted the above picture on Twitter with only the explanation “Family Feud you’ve done it again!” Yes. Yes they have. CON GUSTO.

What is your favorite thing about this picture? Is it the part where “Giant Rubber Dong” is up there on the screen in huge letters as a correct, show-approved answer? Is it the mystery surrounding what the hell kind of category could result in three people giving that answer while five people answered “Car”? (My guess: Things That Can Be A Real Pain In The Butt.) Is it the fact that we don’t know what Number 7 is yet, and, based on the answers surrounding it, it could be literally anything? Is that your favorite part? Because that’s my favorite part. By a mile. I hope I never see this episode and find out, either. Not knowing makes it so much better.

(via @PaulScheer)

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