New 'Dexter' Season 7 Trailer: Whoa! Is Masuka Going to Die?

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08.16.12 34 Comments

The new Dexter trailer has arrived, and it reveals where this next season — a reset, of sorts — is going to take our beloved serial killer. It’s clear from the two-minute trailer that all or most of season seven will center on the relationship between Dexter and Deb, now that SPOILER Deb knows that Dexter is a killer. But what about Masuka?

The image above is from the trailer, and it’s clearly a shot meant to throw us off. You can tell from the brightness of the shot that it’s almost certainly a dream sequence. Does that mean Masuka will survive? Oh, who the hell knows, but if anyone needs to die it’s Batista and LaGuerta, who have been a drag on the show for seasons. Masuka is often the only comic relief the show provides. I think he’s safe, at least until the final season.

What’s less clear is the fate of Deb, who — when we last left off — was telling her therapist that she wanted to bone her brother. How does knowledge that he’s a serial killer change that? My guess is, though she’s uncomfortable with it initially, her own Dark Passenger rises to the surface and eventually the two can not only be f*** buddies, they can kill together.

Or at least that’s what I hope happens. Here’s the full trailer, which has a serious lack of Yvonne Strahovski.

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