New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Photos Draw Inspiration From ‘The Walking Dead’

07.12.16 2 years ago


Fear the Walking Dead returns in a little over a month from today (after three more episodes of the first season of Preacher), and we haven’t heard much out of Dave Erickson’s camp since the midseason finale. What we do know going into the midseason premiere is that the family is separated. Nick has joined the walkers; Daniel is gone (but not dead); Ofelia, Alicia, Madison and Strand have struck out on their own; and Travis hung back with Chris, where he’s waiting to see if his son’s psychopathy passes.

Hints about the upcoming half-season beyond why Nick has gone insane are scarce. The series is clearly holding back on a new trailer and other promotional efforts until San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

However, AMC did release two new photos from the upcoming half season. The first doesn’t give us much beyond a glimpse of Nick’s new best friends:



The second image is a little more informative, as it shows Nick out on his own. He’s still covered in zombie blood, but he’s apparently decided to take on Mexico all by himself.

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