Here’s Everything That’s New On Netflix This Week, Including New ‘Cobra Kai’ And ‘The Chilling Adventures

Netflix loaded up plenty of holiday-themed goodness in case you’re still in that mood, but the streaming service also knows that you’re ready to get the heck out of 2020. This week’s fresh offerings include the next trip to the dojo for Cobra Kai with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka still bringing the rivalry with returning and fresh faces. The lineup also includes the final season (or “part”) for Kiernan Shipka’s teenage witch and friends, who are trying to save the world from Satan, of course.

Here’s everything else coming to (and leaving) the streaming platform this week.

Cobra Kai: Season 3 (Netflix series streaming 1/1)

The good news? This The Karate Kid revival is still as much of an adrenaline shot as the last two rounds. The bad news? It’s also infuriatingly good. After Johnny and Daniel’s combined bad moves contributed heavily to Miguel landing in a hospital bed, Johnny’s looking for redemption. While he does the hard work in the hospital — and Kreese re-takes the dubious reigns of the Cobra Kai dojo, which makes me worried about him instructing Hawk to be even more of an anger-bear monster — Daniel-san heads to Okinawa, where an old rival is ready for him. The soul and fate of every sensei (and their students) are up for grabs. Hopefully, they’ll all make the right moves.

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Part Four (Netflix series streaming 12/31)

The Riverdale spinoff will come to a (planned) end with this installment starring Kiernan Shipka. This time around, the Devil-afflicted Nick’s attempting to win Sabrina back after surrendering to his darker urges, but The Eldritch Terrors have descended upon Greendale, and The Void could truly be the End of All Things. Can the Fright Club save the day? I’m (strangely) pulling for Harvey over here. And Salem the Cat. Meow.

Here’s a full list of what’s been added in the last week:

Avail. 12/25

Avail. 12/26
Asphalt Burning
Fast & Furious Spy Racers
: Season 3: Sahara
Go! Go! Cory Carson: Season 3
The Magic School Bus Rides Again In the Zone

Avail. 12/27
Sakho & Mangane: Season 1

Avail. 12/28
Death To 2020
Cops and Robbers

Avail. 12/29
Dare Me: Season 1

Avail. 12/30
Best Leftovers Ever!
Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy: Chapter 2: Earthrise

Avail. 12/31
Best of Stand-Up 2020
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
: Part 4

And here’s what’s leaving next week, so it’s your last chance:

Leaving 1/1

Leaving 1/3
QB1: Beyond the Lights: Season 2

Leaving 1/4

Leaving 1/5
The Monster

Leaving 1/7
The Tudors: Seasons 1-4

Leaving 1/8
Mary Poppins Returns

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