These Local News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing Over The Mention Of The Word ‘Beaver’

Last week a beaver in St. Mary’s County, Maryland became the unofficial Grinch of 2016 when it wandered into a dollar store (as well as our hearts) and wreaked havoc on a bunch of unsuspecting artificial Christmas trees. Not surprisingly, the incident was the kind of human interest story that was the fodder for many local news affiliates across the country, including Tulsa’s NBC 2, as seen above.

The three anchors discussing the story kept things professional until the guy in the middle starts to say, “Those little guys are cute and cuddly looking, the beavers I’ve seen are bigger, and yeah, they don’t look as friendly.” And he could have just let it go there, but then homeboy drops the bomb: “I don’t know, maybe I’ve seen my beavers in the wrong place.” Pray tell, NBC 2’s Daniel Winn, where else might you have seen a beaver before? (Other than raiding a dollar store, which seems like actually the most wrong place to spot a beaver.)

And, we’re off! From that point on, the trio of anchors can barely contain themselves throughout the rest of the segment, and not even the weather could save them from there. Not even the weather! All you can do at that point is pray for the sweet, sweet safety of a commercial break.