News Reporter Touches, Smells Human Sh*t On Television Broadcast

In Not Enough Money In The World News: In reporting a story about a local farmer who is coming under fire for the stench he causes by using treated, sewage sludge to fertilize his crops, St. Louis’s KSDK 5 reporter Elizabeth Matthews got so into the story that she actually picked up a handful of what is basically human sh*t in her bare hands and smelled it on television. Because, I don’t know, journalistic integrity or something?

Not surprising, Twitter expressed its horror — eliciting the following response from Matthews:

You know that old saying “you can’t polish a turd?” Well that’s not even a metaphor in this instance. This is literally what that saying is. Treated or not, don’t touch human poop, kids. It’s smelly and disgusting, and it came out of someone’s butt.

Click through to the next page for the video footage, which is unfortunately set to autoplay.

(Via Riverfront Times)

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