NFL Fans From Our Favorite TV Shows That Internet Fanbases Should Fully Embrace

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08.28.12 36 Comments

Every time Andy Dwyer has worn/said/done anything Colts-related during an episode of Parks & Rec I’ve found myself irrationally jealous of Colts fans, despite the fact that most likely live in or near Indianapolis. Screw Andrew Luck and the future, Andy Dwyer wore a Reggie Wayne jersey during his wedding! If I was a fan of the blue horseshoe on the internet I would wear that fictional fandom like a badge of honor: my fantasy team would perpetually be named Mouse Rat and any sports-related avatar ever would feature Chris Pratt’s likeness.

We usually leaves NFL coverage to our wrestling-obsessed siblings at With Leather and our aloof cousins with fake ids over at KSK, but now that we’re bearing down on Labor Day and college football and fantasy drafts and all the wonderfulness that is the Fall I’ve simply got too much pigskin on the brain to not go all America pop culture meets football on everyones’ asses. And with the question of why more NFL fans don’t embrace the everliving hell out of their fictional TV fans has been on my mind, putting this together made a little too much sense.

Don’t worry, Cleveland. You didn’t make this list but you’ll always have real life Drew Carrey.

“The Gang Gets Invincible” is in the pantheon of Sunny episodes. No one denies this. It gave us Green Man, this scene, and the McPoyle’s mobile home.

Also, Birds of War is the greatest group costume possible for an Eagles home game ever, obvs.

I barely check in on How I Met Your Mother any more but I’ll never not appreciate Jason Segel’s Marshall Eriksen. Nothing quite endears a character like them reliving the 1999 NFC Championship game as a Vikings fan. Ponder is under center and Peterson’s new nickname is “Any Day” but Minnesota fans will always have Marshall.

May to August, Chicago is my favorite city in this great nation of ours, but the Happy Endings gang makes it look worth it year round. Especially while tailgating with Rob Riggle.

Covered my feelings here pretty thoroughly in the opening, so I’ll leave you with this S2 exchange:

April: “Okay. You know how people, you should give gifts that you would want to get yourself? What would you want?”

Andy: Easy. “Indianapolis Colts Reggie Wayne jersey. Number 87. Double XL. Home blue, signed by Reggie Wayne right after he catches the touchdown to win the Superbowl.”

As Kurp pointed out when I consulted with him, even though Family Guy doesn’t qualify as an UPROXX “favorite” there’s just too much synergy between the show and Patriots fans to not include.

What? You didn’t realize Homer J. Simpson bleeds black and electric blue? Please let the above video (also via Kurp) enlighten you. It should be noted Homer’s fandom pre-dates the Cam era. PURRRRR.

Not quite the endorsement it would have been years back, but I can still get behind the idea of using Jim face GIFs in reaction to anyone suggesting Vick goes four games in a row.

“Cartman’s Mom Is a Dirty Slut” may have aired well over a decade ago but I would still be touting that episode if I was a Broncos fan.

Last but not least, The League. The show is set in Chicago but all members are clearly more concerned with fantasy teams than local affiliations. Despite many obstacles (outdated information, an awkward premise) the show does an outstanding job of making fantasy football seems less geeky and more accessible, which is something anyone who loves their fantasy team should embrace.

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