Nick Cannon Crammed Into 'Up All Night' Cast

08.16.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

When your new TV show hasn’t even aired yet and the network is already retooling it, the theme song might as well be a 20-second death rattle. With that, NBC has made some casting and plot changes to the upcoming sitcom, Up All Night, which stars Will Arnett and Christina Applegate as new parents coping with the changes to their fast-paced lives.

Originally, Applegate was going to work for Maya Rudolph’s PR agency, but now she’ll play the producer of Rudolph’s (presumably) Oprah-like talk show. And Nick Cannon is being added to the show, because why wouldn’t he?

Applegate now plays a TV producer, while Rudolph plays a talk-show host, and Cannon plays her more energetic, more beloved sidekick. Jennifer Hall (who will always be the perky one from Unscripted) is also joining the show as Rudolph’s insecure assistant. Fear not, fans of America’s Got Talent: This new gig will not affect Cannon’s hosting duties there. [THANK. GOD. – Ed.] (Via Vulture)

On one hand, there’s faith to be had in a Lorne Michaels-produced show starring Arnett, Applegate, and Rudolph. On the other hand – Nick Cannon. He’s like the male Katie Holmes, but at least Tom Cruise only lets her out once a year. Mr. Mariah Carey just won’t go away. It’s bad enough that he’s torturing New York Mets fans this Friday with free hugs, but now Kabletown’s NBC’s synergy is wedging him into everything, when all I want to see him on is To Catch a Predator.

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