Nickelodeon Storyboard Artist Will Draw Anything Your Heart Desires, Including A Cantaloupe-Hugging Corgi

08.07.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Back in November, a storyboard artist who works for Nickelodeon named “thewondercat” hosted an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, in which users gave him ideas on what to draw and he illustrated his favorite suggestions. Examples included “How CatDog poops” and “Futurama Time.” Today, “thewondercat” returned, and so far, he’s drawn “Jon Stewart giving Stephen Colbert a piggy back ride,” “what doug might look like today,” and most importantly, “corgi hugging a cantaloupe.” See some of wondercat’s best work below, and FYI, he’s still around, if you have an idea. Here’s hoping the guy who asked for an illustration of “Ol Dirty Bastard looking dumbfounded dinning on a large Wu tang shape half eaten Sandwich” has his dream come true.

“Elmo, Buzz Lightyear, and Dora the Explorer riding together on a train full of ducks

“corgi hugging a cantaloupe”

“what doug might look like today”

“Spongebob riding a unicorn with the caption,”LOVEMUFFIN,” on a rainbow”

“Jon Stewart giving Stephen Colbert a piggy back ride”

“Batman and Bane playing Rock em’ Sock em’ Robots”


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