Nicola Peltz Wore A Very Distracting Dress To Make Fun Of Mark Wahlberg And His Friends On ‘Kimmel’

Nicola Peltz is the fresh-faced actress who (presumably) plays Mark Wahlberg’s daughter in the new Transformers movie that looks to be Michael Bay’s least critically acclaimed offering to date. She’s relatively unknown going into this weekend but I imagine fourty-eight hours worth of search histories will have something to say so about that.

Last night she dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Optimus Prime Rides Robot Dinosaurs and — more importantly — tells stories about what a bunch of goons Mark Wahlberg and his tagalong friends are. All while wearing a very distracting dress. I’m sure her performance in Extinction is phenomenal and all, but I’m much more impressed that she managed to convince the world that Entourage is a long-running biopic while simultaneously diverting the entire viewing audience’s attention.