Norman Reedus Has A Gross Answer For His Favorite ‘Walking Dead’ Scene To Film

Daryl Dixon has been involved with many of The Walking Dead‘s most memorable scenes. When he encounters Zombie Merle, when he kills three walkers at once with a chain whip, when he plops a grenade in a tank, destroying it. But when asked to name his best day on set, Norman Reedus won’t mention filming any of those. Instead, he’ll go with a rather unassuming scene from the season two premiere, “What Lies Ahead,” in which Daryl and Rick dig through a zombie’s innards looking for Sophia.

“I gotta say, Andy and I with Greg [Nicotero] and the special-effects team cutting open the zombie body trying to look for Sophia’s bones,” says Reedus of his best day ever on set. “Because that was just a really fun, funny day. I really like that one. That was probably my favorite because there was like FLOOP! noises and hot air in the woods. That was kind of awesome, I have to admit. There have been so many favorite days for me on the show, though. That one sort of sticks in my mind this morning because that was really funny.” (Via Entertainment Weekly)

Working on The Walking Dead must be a blast, because it allows you to follow sentences like “cutting open the zombie body trying to look for Sophia’s bones” with “that was just a really fun, funny day.” Also, I would buy a sound effects record of Norman Reedus saying, “FLOOP.”

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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