Of Course Jimmy Kimmel Tracked Down The Grocery Store Jam Session Viral Sensations

Congratulations to everyone who had Jimmy Kimmel in the “Jimmy or Ellen?” pool of where the viral grocery store jam session guys would show up first to tell their story and perform their impromptu song in a no longer impromptu manner.

All three gentlemen are wearing the exact same thing, presumably for effect and/or pandering, which I would normally poop on but dude showing back up in his reflective vest to spit hot fire like he just walked onto the JKL set right from clocking out is undeniable good times. There’s also the background intro about Jesse and friends and how this all came to happen in front of a Kroger in Irving, Texas. You know, if you’re into the viral video backstory thing.

Of course around the 5:00 minute mark Jimmy busts in with his sax bass clarinet to extinguish the organic magic, followed by the band, Trey Songz, Juicy J, and Aloe Blacc joining in on the “jam session.”

I haven’t done too much research, but I’m almost certain Guillermo’s dance in the background is the symbolic dance of killing all things beautiful for some people somewhere.