The ‘Oh, Hello’ Guys Are Coming After ‘Hamilton’ On ‘Comedy Bang Bang’

George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon — who confused the hell out of every fan of The Bachelor earlier this year — are accomplished multi-hyphenates. Their public-access show hosts tuna-pranksters-Off Broadway stars-activists-stalkers-persons of interest in the disappearance of Donna Stern. Now they’re hoping to add “guys who took down Hamilton” to the list.

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney dropped by this Friday’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! (with guests The Lonely Island and new bandleader Weird Al Yankovic) in character as the “Oh, Hello” duo. They wasted no time in getting to the point: They’re sick of Hamilton. “This guy behind Hamilton thinks he’s, y’know, the hottest thing in theater,” George St. Geegland said, “just because he’s doing the only popular one. Well, screw off. We like to joke that we’re Lin-Manuel Carrie Bradshaws, and he’s such a Lin-Manuel Miranda.” (Scott Aukerman could barely keep it together after that one.) Besides, they were on Broadway first. They did a show called Pugs, which Gil Faizon admits was “basically Cats.” They’re hoping to re-do it with the original cast, which could prove difficult considering the dogs are 13 now. Stairs are out.

Also out: George and Gil’s #1 enemy, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

On July 9, less than a month after the Tonys, where Hamilton has a record 16 nominations, the contracts of many members of the current company — including Miranda, who also wrote the show’s book and music — will expire, sources close to the production tell the Hollywood Reporter. Miranda, 36, has told confidants he will depart the show then to work on other projects. (Via the Hollywood Reporter)

Miranda can expect a plate with too much tuna as a farewell present.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)