Weird Al Yankovic Will Be The New ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Bandleader

There is, arguably, no talk show position more revered than that of the Comedy Bang! Bang! bandleader. When Kid Cudi, who replaced Reggie Watts when he moved on to be James Corden’s bandleader on The Late Late Show, decided to leave, it left a massive void that needed to be filled. Now you know who will be doing the void filling, and it’s comedy and musical veteran Weird Al Yankovic.

You may remember Weird Al from his songs about food in the ‘80s, ’90s and ’00s, but he has continued making great records. His most recent album, Mandatory Fun, was as strong as any of his prior outings. Now he will step in as Scott Aukerman’s bandleader, returning to the medium that scorned him when his kid’s show, The Weird Al Show, was cancelled so unceremoniously in 1997.

Yankovic was a guest on this week’s episode of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast, where the announcement was made. In all sincerity, this is a great coup for the show, and for Aukerman — a longtime admirer of Yankovic. Their comedy sensibilities work well together, and Weird Al has been a frequent guest on the podcast and the TV show. Hopefully Weird Al will stick around for a while. He should be an excellent addition to the show’s weird world.

Also, maybe this will mean the return of noted song parodist Weirder Scott. That’d be cool.

(Via Splitsider)