Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please

09.07.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

The cast of “Saturday Night Live” is always a great source of debate. Some people think Kristen Wiig is the best part of the show; others can’t stand her. Some people find Kenan Thompson horrifically unfunny, while others find him nearly mediocre. And so on. But there’s one person whose nasal drone took characters that were unfunny to begin with and sank them to depths of awfulness, to the point that for whole minutes I forgot that laughter was possible. That villain is Jenny Slate.

Hey good news! She might be fired!

I hear Abby Elliott [right], daughter of Chris Elliott and the first second-generation SNLcast member, was in serious jeopardy but now appears safe to come back, while rumor is that Jenny Slate might not be returning. Slate, who joined as a featured player along with Nasim Pedrad [left] last fall made headlines with her SNL debut. On the show’s season premiere last September, in her first appearance during a sketch titled Biker Chick Chat Slate uttered the word “f*ckin'” on live television. [Deadline]

The Internet’s been saying good things about Slate recently because she voiced the Marcel the Shell with Shoes on viral video. And that’s fine — it’s a cute video. I’m not saying Slate’s a bad person; I’m just saying that every time she appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” a litter of kittens died.

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