Florida Or Ohio: Former ‘Bachelor Pad’ Contestant Survives Getting Her Head Run Over By A Truck

Florida. It’s always Florida. You should know that by now.

On Oct. 21, [Former Bachelor Pad contestant Brittany] Taltos fell asleep while wearing headphones and lounging in the front yard of her Gainesville, Fla., home — when a friend backed his Chevy Silverado through the yard, the former reality star wrote on Facebook. The driver, 20-year-old Taylor Greer, apparently did not realize Taltos was there until he heard her screams. (Greer apparently was backing up the truck to pick up a cooler from her porch.)

“I woke up with half a tire in my face,” Taltos told The Independent Florida Alligator. “I thought I was going to die.”

After receiving 15 stitches on the side of her head and being treated for bruises and ear canal damage, Taltos was released from the hospital shortly after the accident. [US Weekly]

The part about the truck backing up to pick up a cooler from the porch may be the least surprising thing I’ve ever read.

NOTE: I am very happy Ms. Taltos emerged from this relatively unscathed. It sounds terrifying. Please do not run over my head with a truck.