Now You Have No Excuse To Not Watch ESPN’s Incredible O.J. Simpson Documentary

Making it through ESPN’s O.J.: Made in America is a huge commitment. For one thing, it doesn’t have Ross from Friends yelling “Juice” 731 times, or the Kardashian kids chanting their last name. Also, it’s eight hours long. That’s like watching The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! five times in a row! Still, you should check out Ezra Edelman’s documentary, lack-of-Ross notwithstanding, because it’s incredible. To quote our own Mike Ryan, “There’s nothing fun about O.J.: Made in America, but it’s essential viewing.”

Another review:

In fact, you could watch it during your lunch break today. Nothing tastes better with a tuna fish sandwich than the Trial of the Century and racial tension. ESPN has wisely put the entire documentary online, even though only the first two parts have aired (no spoilers, please). You can view them here, or through the ESPN and WatchESPN apps (both are free).

Here’s the schedule, and how to watch it:

Part 1: stream here

Part 2: stream here

Wednesday, June 15: 9 p.m. on ESPN — Part 3 premiere; stream here

Friday, June 17: 9 p.m. on ESPN — Part 4 premiere; stream here

Saturday, June 18: 9 p.m. on ESPN — Finale premiere; stream here

Parts three and four will reportedly cover the trial, and part five the aftermath.

(Via ESPN)