Olivia Munn Explains How An 80% Pay Cut To Join ‘The Daily Show’ Turned Into Her Best Career Decision

Olivia Munn already had a pretty solid fan base when she came aboard The Daily Show from Attack of the Show! in 2010, but it was following her stint on The Daily Show that Hollywood really took notice of the cult favorite comedian and actress — landing her high profile gigs on The Newsroom, Iron Man 2 and Magic Mike. (In addition to some less high profile gigs . . . *cough* Perfect Couples *cough*)

As it turns out, that jump to The Daily Show was a much savvier move than any of us could have possibly realized, however, because in a recent interview Munn revealed how she sacrificed a huge pay cut for it.

“I took an 80 percent pay cut because nothing’s better than Jon Stewart thinking you’re funny,” said Munn in the November issue of the Self magazine.

The former co-host broke geeky gamers’ hearts when she left G4 in 2010 after spending four years covering conventions and video games, and said at the time that she wished she could do it all. “Apparently you can’t do four shows at once,” she lamented.

Regardless of how you feel about Olivia Munn, you have to admit that takes pretty giant ladyballs to walk away from a high paying gig to take a risk on a lower paying one that may or may not work out. Sure, a gig on The Daily Show may seem like hitting the jackpot, but let’s not forget that for every Steve Carrel or John Oliver there was a Vance DeGeneres or Stacey Grenrock-Woods.

(Via Business Insider)