One Million Moms Is Boycotting Olive Garden Over Fox’s New Show ‘Lucifer’

lucifer olive garden

Thanks to the second (and slightly better) episode of The X-Files miniseries, Fox’s new series, Lucifer, based very loosely on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman (and also Angel?), performed well in the ratings-department. The premiere was seen by 7.2 million viewers, “placing first in its time period in 18-49 and standing as the night’s No. 2 show in the demo,” according to Variety.

I can think of one million and two people who weren’t watching, though. The “two” is you and me, probably. The rest: One Million Moms, who have hit pause on their outrage over talking pigs, Muppet or otherwise, to focus on Lucifer.

FOX’s new drama Lucifer is spiritually dangerous.

The new program Lucifer glorifies Satan as a caring, likable person in human flesh. The character Lucifer Morningstar makes being the devil look cool, drives a fancy car, gets out of a speeding ticket, owns a nightclub in LA, and is irresistible to women. (Via)

One Million Moms is doing a better job of selling Lucifer than Fox. I want to watch the show where Satan is a fun-loving dude who parties all the time and has sex with beautiful women. “The message of the show is clear,” OMM continued, “He doesn’t want to be a bad guy, it’s God who is forcing him to play that role.” Rather than ask Him to smite Tom Ellis, they’re demanding concerned Christian mothers to hit Lucifer where it hurts: Olive Garden.

Contact Olive Garden, who sponsored the spiritually dangerous program Lucifer and paid corporate dollars to promote their restaurants in association with the content of the program. Use the information we have provided on our website, and let Olive Garden know that its advertising dollars are supporting sympathy towards the devil and glorifying Satan and that financial support should be pulled immediately. (Via)

Way to catch up, One Million Moms. Olive Garden and Satan have been in cahoots for years. How else to explain the Never Ending Pasta Pass? It’s a sinfully good deal, at least for this guy. That reminds me. Someone should check to see if he’s still alive after eating all that Olive Garden. If so, then it’s clear he’s immortal/the Devil. It’s all making sense now.

(Via One Million Moms)