One Woman, 150 Pokemon Impressions (And The Morning Links)

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07.12.12 10 Comments

Arrested Development For Netflix Is Not A Myth, Ron Howard Tweets Pic Of Writer’s Room — (UPROXX)

This Can’t Be Good for The Avengers — (Film Drunk)

A Law Professor Breaks Down Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” (and the motherf—er gets it right) — (Real Talk NY)

ESPN The Body Issue 2012 — (With Leather)

Let’s Celebrate The ‘Internet Cat Video Film Festival’ With Cat Pictures — (UPROXX)

20 Historical NBA teams That Deserve to Have a Book Written about Them — (Smoking Section)

20 Television Actors and What Their Not Famous Spouses Look Like — (Pajiba)

If You Start at 11 A.M. Saturday and Skip Sleep, You Can Marathon All of Breaking Bad Before the Next Season Starts. Here’s How — (Buzzfeed)

20 Adult Stars and Their Comic Babe Counterparts — (Unreality)

Bill Murray announces Party Crashing Tour starting in August
— (FARK)

Octopus Just Wants a Hug — (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

WANT: Marvel’s Phase One Box Set — (Film Drunk)

The First Picture Ever Uploaded To The Web — (UPROXX)

Ouya Open-Source Console Breaks Kickstarter Records — (GammaSquad)

18 Ridiculous Comic Book Covers Featuring Gorillas — (College Humor)

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