The 9 Controversial Cases ‘American Crime Story’ Should Take On After O.J. Simpson

Did you catch the series premiere of American Crime Story? Wait, what are we saying? Of course you did. Everybody did. That’s why FX’s ratings for Wednesday’s episode are so colossal. It was a shared cultural event in an era where that sort of thing is being redefined by day.

Even before American Crime Story and its glorious styling of John Travolta premiered, there were already rumblings what season two might have in store. The next go-around for the cable franchise appears to be earmarked for a Hurricane Katrina setting. If that winds up being the plan, we’re totally onboard. If not, we have a few suggestions on where American Crime Story can go next.

Located at the top of this post is our humble assortment of pitches for future installments of American Crime Story. As your Investigation Discovery obsessed officemate can tell you, there’s no shortage of controversial court cases in American history and we’ve wrangled up nine potential stories for American Crime Story to run with. Our picks include a healthy mix of celebrity subject matter (like Michael Jackson’s legal battles) and incidents so infamous that the people involved earned celebrity status as the public watched.

Disagree with our picks? WHAT? DO YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN US? Weigh in with your own ideas for American Crime Story offerings in the comments. If you want to cast David Schwimmer in all of them, we endorse that heartily.