Out-Of-Context Ramsay Bolton Is The Kindest Character In All Of Westeros

After the death of King Joffrey in Season 4 of Game of Thrones, there were concerns that no one would rise up and replace him as the series’ most evil character. That fear was soon dispelled, however, as Ramsay Bolton quickly supplanted the former King of Westeros as a character even more evil than Joffrey, capable of removing a man’s penis and brainwashing him into being his personal assistant, as well as raping his wife on their wedding night.

By all accounts, Ramsay Bolton is so despicable that even the actor playing him, Iwan Rheon, wants Ramsay to die a brutal, horrific death.

But what if everyone is just looking at it wrong? Because, as the video above illustrates, Ramsay Bolton is actually the kindest man in all of Westeros in the right context (and apparently a fan of Elton John). Shireen has nothing on Ramsay!

(Via YouTube)