Padma Lakshmi Has Something She Wants You to Lick

06.19.12 7 years ago 9 Comments

The spoon, people. THE SPOON.

See, this is how you pander to Emmy voters. Is it shameless? Yes! But when those old white dudes sit down to vote on Outstanding Reality Show host — a category that Jeff Probst from “Survivor” has won every single year the category has existed — do you think they’re going to remember Phil Keoghan, Tom Bergeron, and Carson Daly? NO. They’re going to remember their erections, and then they’re going to vote for Ryan Seacrest.

But in my heart, I’ll always know who the best reality show host is: The hot woman in the low-cut blouse licking chocolate off of her hands. God knows, it’ll be more successful than this For Your Consideration ad taken out in Variety last year:

A piece of advice: You should probably check the temperature in Hell before you take out a sexy For Your Consideration Ad for Yvonne Strahovski.

Emmy Ballots are due on June 28th. Nominees will be announced in mid-July.

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