‘Parks And Recreation’ Scored Record Low Ratings Last Night

11.22.13 75 Comments

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially on a Friday afternoon, but the ratings are in for last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation, and…

Parks and Recreation‘s double-episode outing averaged 2.8 mil/1.0, down a tenth to a new series low. [TV Line]

I suppose this is where I should point out that it probably didn’t help to have the show yoinked off the air for a few weeks in the middle of October, and that NBC’s entire Thursday night lineup, not just Parks, is currently the mayor of Toilet City, but, man, I just don’t have any of that in me right now. I’m too sad. And angry. Let’s go with angrysad. So instead, I’m just going to watch this GIF of winking Ben Wyatt for a while and eat some ice cream.

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