Patton Oswalt’s Wife Would Rather He Go To Strip Clubs Than Play Dungeons And Dragons

Besides being a Twitter master who confronts internet trolls with aplomb, Patton Oswalt is also on some next level nerd sh*t. On last night’s Pete Holmes Show, he shared some silly 4 AM thoughts and talked about his love of Dungeons & Dragons and his wife’s preference that he and his middle-aged friends would go to a strip club instead of rolling up initiative to attack an orc with a vorpal sword.

He also referenced the delightful photo of him in 6th grade happily clutching a Monster Manual in a yearbook photo of the Dungeons & Dragons Club. “Look at the joy in that face!” he says. “What happened? Oh, wait a minute. Carbs.”

This is all just an excuse for us to post a classic audio clip from Nerd Poker, wherein Patton Oswalt drops by to sing a indubitably NSFW ditty about everyone’s D&D character.