Patton Oswalt Is Returning To ‘Justified’, Also Comments On Bill Cosby And Twitter

“You underestimate me at your peril.” So says Constable Bob Sweeney, played by UPROXX favorite Patton Oswalt on four episodes of Justified last year. We were hoping the character would bumble his way back into the final season of the show, and we have great news on that front.

On Friday, Oswalt was a guest on Pardcast-a-Thon 2014, a thirteen-hour live video podcast which raised over $140,000 for Smile Train this year. During the show, at 7:11 PM PST, he mentioned he had just finished shooting another episode of Justified. To be fair, the charity fundraiser wasn’t the first place he revealed the news. We somehow missed it when he tweeted this:

Sh*t’s about to get real.

But the talk of Justified wasn’t the only interesting thing to come out of Oswalt’s appearance on the charity Pardcast-a-thon. Oswalt touched briefly on how he just can’t watch Bill Cosby anymore without thinking about the allegations. Then he expressed that he really didn’t want to use his time on the show to talk about Cosby, at which point co-host Pat Francis lobbed a softball question about Agents Of SHIELD, a sudden topic change about which Oswalt joked, “That’s like getting a rental car up to 90 then putting it in reverse.” Then Francis replied, “Bill Cosby just got cast in Agents Of SHIELD.” Oswalt’s response was perfect: “F*CK!” followed shortly thereafter by, “He’s playing Professor Rape.”

Shortly before that exchange, at 7:00 PM PST, he confirmed that he’s going to stay off Twitter every summer from now on. He took last summer off social media with good reason and emerged on the other side of summer 15 pounds lighter, saying he “built a sustainable small-yield garden for my daughter and learned knife throwing.”

After his Twitter and Facebook hiatus, he said, “I think I’m going to do this every summer. June 1 to post–Labor Day. Eyes up, logged off.” During the Pardcast-a-thon, rather than saying he was thinking about it, he was certain about staying off Twitter every summer. Can’t really say that I blame him. Arguing with toolbags on Twitter isn’t nearly as fulfilling as staying in the human world.