The Tributes To Paul Reubens Are Pouring In As Pee-Wee Herman Fans And Hollywood Reacts To His Death

Following the news that Paul Reubens died at age 70 following a private battle with cancer, the tributes started pouring in on social media as fans celebrated the comedy actor’s beloved role as Pee-Wee Herman. There was also plenty of love for his standout performance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as Reubens’ hilarious 30 Rock cameo.

Thanks to being a permanent fixture in the Hollywood comedy scene going all the way back to the ’80s, Reubens accrued a wealth of celebrity friends who also joined in remembering the late actor.

“No tweet can capture the magic, generosity, artistry, and devout silliness of Paul Reubens,” Conan O’Brien wrote. “Everyone I know received countless nonsensical memes from Paul on their birthday, and I mean EVERYONE. His surreal comedy and unrelenting kindness were a gift to us all. Damn, this hurts.”

“Goodbye Paul, goodnight sweet prince, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest,” Cher tweeted.

“Paul Reubens was like no one else – a brilliant and original comedian who made kids and their parents laugh at the same time,” Jimmy Kimmel wrote. “He never forgot a birthday and shared his genuine delight for silliness with everyone he met. My family and I will miss him.”

“Just heard that Paul Reubens died. He brought me so much joy, and getting to know him was a gift,” Andy Richter tweeted. “Truly one of my heroes.”

“This is devastating. Truly heartbreaking. Paul was such a comedy genius,” Paul Feig wrote. “From his Letterman appearances to his TV shows and movies, he was so original and hilarious. And such a sweet man too. This is a huge loss for comedy. Thanks for all the laughs, Paul.”

“Aw man… Pee-wee Herman has ridden off to heaven,” Carl Weathers tweeted. “RIP Paul Reubens. Thank you for giving us Pee-wee. You made yours truly a fan and you were one of the nice guys.”

Comedy Bang Bang host Scott Aukerman shared an especially lovely tribute to Reubens on Instagram, as well.

And, as proof of a life well-lived, the Muppets chimed in, too.

You can scroll through more Paul Reubens tributes below: