Paula Deen Is a Saint

09.16.11 7 years ago 18 Comments

Paula Deen has been criticized for promoting an unhealthy diet rich with butter and sugar — an odd thing for her to do, considering she has diabetes. In the video below, she shows how much she’s willing to give back by going to a school and helping with a program that gives food to children so they don’t go hungry over the weekend. Specifically, she hands out Ramen noodles.

Now, I like Ramen noodles. You can get six packs for a dollar. They’re tasty and easy to make. But they also have almost no nutritional value and are loaded with fat and sodium. Sure, eating Ramen is better than not eating, but if Paula Deen wants to feel all great about herself for feeding kids, why not hand out pieces of fruit? Apples cost 99 cents a pound. Bananas are 86 cents a pound. Instead, she practically breaks her arm patting herself on the back for handing out a bunch of early onset diabetes. “Here you go, kids! Join me! You too can destroy your body’s ability to make insulin!”

What I’m try to say is, Paula Deen is f*cking terrible.

Video via BuzzFeed. Fruit prices taken from the produce price list for the Park Slope Food Co-op, because that’s where I get my groceries. It’s filled with dirty hippies and organic food snobs, but what can I say? I like affordable grass-fed beef.

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