Peacock Added 9 Million New Subscribers In 2021 After Snagging ‘The Office’ And WWE

If you’re a fan of The Office, you probably already know that Peacock’s now the show’s streaming home, and viewers apparently flocked to the NBC streaming service to keep their binge watching favorite in the rotation.

Comcast announced on Thursday that it added more than 9 million subscribers to its ranks in the months following some major acquisitions, namely the above obsessive rewatch favorite and WWE wrestling content. That boost came in the first three months of 2021, which notably started with the addition of The Office to start the year and WWE Network content on March 18.

The Office is obviously a huge draw, as Netflix subscribers had plenty to say about the service losing a fan favorite. And the WWE bump makes sense, given the price point of Peacock compared to WWE Network, though all the racist stuff didn’t make the cut on the NBC streaming platform.

Still, what we don’t know is just how many of these “subscribers” are paying for the actual service. Much like Apple TV+, which has an unknown but sizable base of people watching Ted Lasso on a free trial, Peacock has a variety of other ways to watch. That includes an ad-subsidized free model, and the company wasn’t specific about what tier of subscribers are faring best. Still, the big boost is good news for the platform, which now has 42 million members in the U.S., which puts it on par with other platforms like HBO Max, which has 44.2 million total.

[via The Verge]