The Wait Is Almost Over For The Final Season Of ‘Peaky Blinders’ On Netflix

We North Americans, here in the center of the content universe, always assume that we’ll get all the TV and film good good the second they release. This is why it must be so weird for fans of certain UK shows like Peaky Blinders, which is currently airing on the BBC, just out of reach out of U.S. fans who are likely putting on their… own… blinders… muting keywords on Twitter and cutting off across the pond friends and family, all in an effort to keep themselves pure and away from any news about how Peaky Blinders resolves in this, its final season. It must feel like some kind of existential crisis, really, but thank goodness for Netflix, as the streamer is set to end the long wait for hardcore fans of the hardcore series starring Cillian Murphy, proving their mercifulness in a way that I have yet to as I fill this page with words that aren’t actually giving you that sweet sweet information you cr… June 10. It’ll be on Netflix June 10.

With these six final episodes, Tommy is also set to come to North America (that’s called synergy), finding new battles and rivals (and hopefully some friends along the way, for what is life without companionship?). This season will also be tasked with the need to reckon with the loss of Aunt Polly following the death of actress Helen McRory. While half a dozen episodes might feel like too few to do all that and end with some finality, don’t you worry as lingering threads are to be expected with the Peaky Blinders movie already greenlit. Will we content-starved North Americans have to experience a cooling-off period while Brits get to rub their Peaky privilege in our faces with an earlier release of that as well? Time will tell.

Source: Variety