A Boy Comes Between Maya And Anna In The ‘Pen15’ Season 2, Part 2 Trailer

Hulu’s Pen15 is a very good, Emmy-nominated show in its second season, but if you haven’t watched yet and/or you’re wondering if it’s for you, fast forward the trailer above to 0:20. If the sight of two 30-something actresses pretending to be teenagers standing between another fake-teenager wearing a Timmy from South Park shirt over a long sleeve shirt and cargo shorts doesn’t make you laugh, Pen15 isn’t for you. For everyone else (people with good taste), congrats on finding your new favorite cringe comedy.

Season two of Pen15 was divided by an animated special that had Maya (Maya Erskine) and Anna (Anna Konkle) take a road trip to Florida with Anna’s dad. It did not go well. Now they’re back at school, and their friendship is being tested by Anna’s boyfriend, Steve. “What if we just wake up one day and we’re not friends?” Maya worries. Meanwhile, Anna has issues of her own: she’s being shuffled back and forth between her mom and dad’s separate homes. The trailer also has an era-specific cell phone, a FUBU hoodie, and Maya and Anna running away, only to get distracted by a hungry dog.

Like I said, very good show. Pen15 returns to Hulu on December 3.