People Are Not Fans of the Shampoo Commercial Starring Hitler

Now what would Don Draper say about this? (The answer to my hypothetical: he’d grumble something about going to sleep and cleaning girls because he’s too old to deal with it.)

Anti-semitism campaigners have described a Turkish shampoo commercial featuring Hitler as a “deplorable marketing ploy.”

The 12-second advert for Biomen shampoo shows the Nazi leader gesticulating wildly during a speech, before the commercial urges customers to buy the “100 percent male shampoo.”

Underneath the footage of Hitler from an undated speech, there is a caption which translates as, “If you are not wearing a woman’s dress, you should not use her shampoo either.” (Daily Mail)

This feels like the sad end game — the final solution, as it were — of those testosterone-driven ads that are supposed to make men feel like MEN. “Don’t use some kind of GAY, frilly shampoo; use the one endorsed by history’s manliest man: HITLER. *Kraftwerk synth solo*” Either that, or Turkish people are really messed up.

Plus, Hitler had TERRIBLE hair.

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