Pete Davidson Seems To Have Deleted His New Instagram Account Hours After Using It To Troll Kanye

In today’s Pete Davidson news, we are saddened to report that his Instagram has, once again, gone dark. The circumstances surrounding the deactivation are a little murky, so here is a very important timeline of events.

Davidson was pretty active on Instagram pre-2018, when he would post various SNL clips and pictures of sunsets, you know, normal Instagram stuff. Then, when he became “official” with Ariana Grande, Davidson soon became an internet celebrity, which he famously did not like. He deleted the app after their very public breakup.

Fast forward to February 2022, when Davidson reactivated his account, shocking the internet once again. Instead of posting anything, he instead linked a YouTube video in his bio, to a 10-second clip of Rupert Pupkin’s stand-up. In the clip, Pupkin says, “Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.”

This isn’t the first time Davidson has referred to himself as a king. But, the seemingly harmless clip was interpreted as a dig at Kanye West, who has been publically mocking Davidson for the past few months. West also followed the comedian last week on the app, but Davidson didn’t follow back, only following two users: his girlfriend Kim Kardashian and Sebastian Stan, for some reason.

The comedian then began posting a clip to his story, seemingly of his latest horror movie The Home with director James DiMonaco, director of The Purge.

Then, mere hours later, the clip was gone, as was Davidson’s whole account, like a comet burning bright for a night, then deactivating itself. Fan update accounts everywhere were left distraught. Comedy is dead, once again.

While this doesn’t confirm much (maybe the director simply didn’t want behind-the-scenes footage online) the timing is interesting, as Kanye has been doubling down on his Instagram posts over the last few days.