Pete Davidson Compared Donald Trump To ‘American Idol’s’ Sanjaya Malakar On ‘SNL’

There will be plenty more on the season premiere of SNL later, including all the Miley Cyrus weirdness and things that could’ve gone better all around. One thing that went quite well was Pete Davidson’s return to the Weekend Update desk to tackle the youth perspective on the presidential election, politics, and Donald Trump. The key point? Donald Trump is the Sanjaya of the presidential election.

He explains his thoughts, noting how everybody (including myself and many other fine folks across the country) think that Donald Trump running for president is ridiculously funny. And now that he’s doing well, the comedy is wearing thin and we’re wondering how long this guy is going to hang around. Just like Sanjaya. Davidson points the finger at Howard Stern, noting how the shock jock wanted to keep Malakar in the contest and had folks casting their vote for him. And it was funny, up until the end when Sanjaya was still around and America had to get in gear.

Now we are seeing a repeat and we’re forced to do it again, but in the real election. Not the fake TV one that managed to garner more votes than said real election. Twitter took to this, with folks tweeting at Davidson a bit and noting the resemblance:

And, of course, Trump took some more credit for things:

This guy is really going to be president, isn’t he? At least Pete Davidson will be around to joke about it on SNL. Or just around in general because the dude is still a barrel of bad ass.

(Via SNL)