‘Picard’ Second Trailer Offers A First Glimpse Of Another Old ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Friend

The first full-length trailer for Picard, the forthcoming CBS All Access spin-off that brings Patrick Stewart back to the role that made him a household name, offered a few major surprises, among them a glimpse at his old, sadly still disconnected Star Trek: The Next Generation buddy Data (Brent Spiner) and Jeri Ryan’s Voyager Borg Seven of Nine. The second trailer, which bowed at New York Comic Con Saturday, offered another TNG reunion: Looks like Riker’s coming back as well.

The latest ad follows the same basic structure as the first: Picard is half-enjoying his retirement on a planet that looks like a wine ad when he’s pulled back in by a wayward young woman seeking his help. There’s more glimpses of his mostly young new crew, including Alison Pill and a swordsman, and some more space battles, plus Picard dreaming, sadly, about talking once more to Data.

The big fan reveal is saved for the back end: Picard pays a visit to Jonathan Frakes’ William Riker, the Enterprise’s first officer and, briefly, its captain. The two enjoy some lakeside sitting, old friends smiling and chuckling as Picard seeks his advice on whether to get back into the game. Can a Geordi swing-by be in the cards? Bring back Guinan next!

(Via EW)