The First ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Trailer Brings Patrick Stewart Back To Outer Space

Our brave new world needs more content than ever, which is why we’re getting not one but two new Star Trek shows, with one — Star Trek: Discoveryalready plotting its third season. None of these cut to the bone like the forthcoming Star Trek: Picard, in which Sir Patrick Stewart returns to the role that took him from Shakespearean actor to household name. And, of course, one of the many Trek goodies unleashed at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was the show’s first trailer.

As the trailer begins, Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard — former admiral of USS Enterprise-D — living alone on a planet that looks suspiciously like the Napa Valley, walks solemnly about fields of wheat and probably nipping on wine. He’s clearly bored, trapped in a kind of futuristic Sideways, so it’s almost good when a mysterious young woman crashes his pad, getting him re-embroiled in some galactic shenanigans.

There are, incidentally, a couple surprises. One, the return, sort of, of Brent Spiner’s Data, who apparently sacrificed himself ages before the show starts and who’s disconnected body is seen lying creepily in a giant drawer. The other is Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine, the Borg from Star Trek: Voyager. But of course, the main draw is seeing an even older, more weathered Picard, steeped in remorse yet delighted to get back in action.

(Via EW)