Anna Kendrick Wiped The Floor With James Corden In This ‘Pitch Perfect’ Riff-Off

Anna Kendrick brought her ‘resting b*tch face’ to The Late Late Show to join her Pitch Perfect 2 cast mates and to take on James Corden in a riff-off. The entire show was a treat for Pitch Perfect fans (there are a lot of them judging from current box office returns) and Corden took advantage. He basically pulls a Fallon, but in a way that isn’t completely ridiculous.

Later in the interview segment, the topic of Anna Kendrick’s b*tch face came up and her fellow cast members, Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfeld, gave their best looks to compare. James Corden won this one in the end.

They then chatted a bit about Into The Woods and Corden’s use of Eminem to soothe the crying baby on set:

And finally, Reggie Watts sits in and leads the entire group in one of his beatbox sessions.